Dustin Mcclelland
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When Tomorrow Comes:  / Sarina Good   Read >>
When Tomorrow Comes:  / Sarina Good

When tomorrow starts without you and your not here to see..If the sun should rise and find my eyes filled with tears for you.I wish so much I wouldnt cry for you the way I did today.While thinking of the many things we didnt get to say.I know how much you love me, as much as I love you.And each time I think of you , I miss you..When tomorrow starts without you, dont think we are apart.For every time I think of you, your right here in my heart..

To Dustin  / Karen Mcclelland (Grandmother)  Read >>
To Dustin  / Karen Mcclelland (Grandmother)

My Life changed, the very moment I found out
That you had passed away.
I couldn't stop it; there was nothing I could say.
You've touched my life so deeply to a point you will never know,
I try to think about you when I am feeling down and low.
Sometimes when my day gets hard
I will think about your beautiful smile
and if I listen hard enough I will hear your voice after a while.
It's you who give me a reason to go on with my day,
and now if I want to see you I'll bow my head and pray.
I catch myself looking for you still,
In the halls and at your front door,
but when I call your name there is no reply any more!
I never thought a day would come where we would be apart,
God has you in his keepings, we have you in our hearts.
Life will go on, but never will be the same,
your beautiful smile is gone, but it will always remain.
You're our angel from up above.
You'll always be missed, but most importantly... loved.
Just one more minute, God, is all I ask- why can't you give him back;
it seems like such a simple task.
I guess people are right when they say God only takes the best,
I know enough now that you're peacefully at rest

I Love You Always Mammaw

"I'm Not Gone"  / Becky Bellon (Friend)  Read >>
"I'm Not Gone"  / Becky Bellon (Friend)
Don't cry for me, now that I'm free. Just look around anywhere' and that's where i'll be. For I'm the daylight, when the the sun starts to rise. I'm the rainbow, you see with your eyes. I,m the tiny raindrops, that sprinkle in wind. Ill always be with you, for there really is no end. I'm the dew that's on the ground, and the quietness all around. Yes,I am so very happy, with this new life i found. I'm the peaceful breeze, that softly flows through the trees. I,m the bluebird in the sky, that sings with such ease. Yes I am so happy, so happy to be free. Understand my family and friends, and you cry for me. Close